July 21, 2011


Back in March, I made Shio-Koji. (塩麹)
~ceramic cup I made~

This photo' s Shio-koji has been over 3 months after I made so it's even more fermented nicely and looks little brownish.  Shio meams salt. Shio-koji tastes milder and sweeter salt.

You are maybe wondering what is Koji ?   It's a culture to make soy sauce, miso, sake, rice vinegar, mirin (sweet vinegar), amazake (sweet sake) and pickels.   Here is a website I found that explain about Koji.

It's very easy to make Shio-Koji.
Simply mix Rice-Koji 300g,  sea salt 60g,  water 300g ~350g in a clean jar and mix it.  Everyday, for 1 ~ 2 weeks, open the rid and mix it.  (It needs fresh air so open once a day)
and then... its ready to taste it.  Keep it in the fridge after that.
In East Bay, Berkeley area, you can find Koji in Tokyo Fish Market and Berkeley bowl in miso section.

Cut tempe and mix with 2~3 tbs of Shio-Kouji and leave it for over night in fridge, take the  tempe and put some Kuzu starch (or corn starch) and grill it on the pan with olive oil. 
Cut fresh 1 carrot (or eggplant, cucumber or any other vegetables) and mix with 2 tbs Shio-Kouji for over night to taste it. Very easy Tsukemono (pickles).

I often add little bit of Shio-Kouji in my salad dressing and it's taste great !