July 27, 2011

✿Chez Alicia

My friend, Alicia lives in North Beach in SF and I went to visit her.
I feel like North Beach is a Montmartre of San Francisco.  It has hills and narrow streets, many cute apartments and European feeling since it's a Italian area...
(Chez Alicia means Alicia's place in French)
This was not her entrance door but maybe it was next to it.  I love old shabby chic doors like this.

She shares her apartment with 2 other girls and they decorated whole apartment in white.  They have lots of day light and really pretty place.

She found this chest at Alameda Antique Market when we went together a while ago.   This chest and beautiful framed mirror reminds me of her apartment in Paris but the one in Paris was much older vintage.   When I visited Paris in 2006, she was living in Paris and we hang out at cafe, restaurants and enjoyed just strolling the beautiful streets.

Her bed room is very sweet.  I love the Mexican embroidery pillow cases that her sister, Serra got from Mexico.
Alicia and Serra prepared the dinner and they surprised me and celebrated my birthday a few days before my actual birthday with these cute cupcakes. 

There were edible gold paper (kinpun) toppings that Alicia's mother got from Japan.  Since there were 7 cakes, I wish 7 wishes and one of the wish was Alicia and Serra's happiness !

Merci pour tout.