July 20, 2011

✿I Had A Happy Birthday !

Last Tuesday was my birthday and after I had my ballet lesson, my friends made birthday lunch for me.  They all love cooking and they treated me very nicely.
They were all delicious and I had really great time with them.
Thank you so much !!

In the evening, I went out with my husband for my birthday dinner.  Since I was way too full to eat something heavy, we went to Cafe Gratitude and I had raw soup.  I love raw food so I go there sometime... I love sweets from Cafe Gratitude.

Since it was my birthday, they gave me a cup of ice cream with a candle. 
I had my favorite cake, Bliss.  I have the recipe and I make it sometime and it's my favorite sweet !!
Happy birthday to myself !

and then...
after the dinner, we went to watch a movie.
" Midnight in Paris "  wow... I love this movie so much.  I relate to the main character a lot that I am a dreamy person and love Paris, I love 1920's fashion and culture.  In the beginning, he repeats, " let's move to Paris... " it's something I say to my husband all the time...  
I highly recommend this movie to someone who love Paris or who admire vintage style of life !!

I had a happy birthday !