July 24, 2011

✿Jasko's Birthday

2 days after my birthday was Jasko's birthday.  
I made this really big cake for him.  It was a strawberry sponge cake in 2 layers of strawberries and cream in the middle.  I spent 5 hours and half in the kitchen to make this cake since it was huge and I had to bake the sponge cake in 2 separate times because I didn't have a large mixing bowl to put all the ingredients together since the recipe was 4 times bigger than normal cake size.  

Also I had to consider how to carry it out and had to drive to the park.  I asked Jasko to drive nice and smooth, imagine like a new born baby in the car without seat belt.

After Jasko played soccer in the park, we sang the birthday song and had this cake with about 30 people.  I think it came out really good !!

While I was watching Jasko playing soccer, I made this flower wreath.  I used to make this wreath all the time when I was a child and I remember it was much bigger so that I could wear it around the head.