August 21, 2011

✿Lavender Farm

I visited this lavender farm in Mt. Shasta in end of June.   This place is so beautiful with the great view of the Mt. Shasta.  Some lavender flowers were blooming but not full boom yet at that time.  I wish I could see full bloom...  (you can see how it looks when it's full bloom on their website, please take a look, it's so beautiful)

These on the photo are English lavender.  They also have French lavender as well but I heard they bloom a few weeks after English kind, so when I visited there, they weren't blooming at all.  Usually this time of the year is a good time to visit this farm but the daughter of the farm owner told me it's been cold this year that blooming little late than usual.

This farm produce tons of original lavender items like soap, toner, sachet, buntle, tea and culinary lavender.

I bought this culinary lavender for a souvenir for myself and I made Sel de Provence (Herbs of Provence)

It's mix of sea salt and herbs.  I am giving away to some friends as a little gift.

My friend Saorin went to the lavender farm several weeks ago and she got me this lavender soap.  She is so sweet. Merci Saorin !