July 31, 2011

✿Natural Medicine

Loquat is a magical plant !  
Leaves are great for tea (dry the leaves for a while until it gets brown) and the loquat leave essence can be medicine for many symptoms such as burnt skin, scarring, back pain, sore throat, tooth pain, bitten by insect, stomach pain and more.   
It's simply delicious to eat the fruits as is and I was lucky to have lots of loquats this year so I made jam.  I had 5 times more loquats than the photo this year... How lucky !

Loquats are small fruits and it has really big seeds. It can be 1 to 3 seeds, or sometime even 4 seeds in one small fruit.  You can make loquat seeds essence very easy.  This seeds essence is much stronger than leave essence so you can't take too much at a time.
Peal the brown skin, rinse with water and dry it.  Mix loquat seeds and white liquor higher than 30% together in the bottle and store it for several months.
After several months, take out the seeds and start using essence for various symptoms and essence can be stored for a long time. 
Stomach burn : drink the essence 1tbs with 5tbs water together.
Cold, tooth pain : gaggle 
Back or Neck pain : put 1tbs essence on wet towel, apply it as poultice.
Scarring, burnt skin : apply the essence to cuts and sores.

A friend of my friend is using loquat plant (seeds, leaves) for cancer treatment as well.
How magical plant, loquat is !!