July 10, 2011

✿Plum & July 4th

My friend Mariko-san has some plum trees at her house and my friend Same-chan and I picked some plums after we had lunch together.  Same-chan was on the latter and try so hard to pick as many plums possible and I was on the ground picking the plums that fall.  I wasn't expecting to pick plums that day so I was wearing a white dress so I had to watch out not to make dirt mark on my dress.
3 of us shared the plums but I had 2 times more amount of plums than this photo.

Since there were lots of plums so I was planing to make some jams but I changed mind and made plum tart and that was one of the best tart I ever made.  Sourness from the plums and sweetness of almond paste matched really well.

I knew my husband and I could easily finish the whole tart ourselves but I thought it's better not to eat all so I shared it with 4 other friends.
I made it with plums, almond, maple syrup, vanilla essence, whole wheat and soy milk.

I made plum loquat tart for July 4th when I went to a big party in Oakland hill where my Japanese Tea Ceremony Master had  this amazing party.  This plum loquat tart was good enough but this plum tart I made a few days ago was 10 time better.

On July 4th party, there were ton's of fun event at her house.

Well, she is quite well known and she knows ton's of interesting people, and there were over 50 or 60 people at her party.

It was Usato's premire sale event in U.S. that day and they are quite popular clothing company in Japan.  They use only natural fiver and cotton and hemp. 
Also, Toshikazu Kusaba Inochi no matsuri best selling children's book in Japan and he gave us a talk about his book and his profession of Tosaiga (art work on ceramic) which he invented.
Last but not least, a dancer Takuji and singer Susan Osborn collaborated music and dance together as well as berry dance by Sawa.

Usato produce their natural fiver clothing in Thailand and village ladies seeds cotton and hemp, harvest them themselves, they do the process of making the yarn, dye the fabric.  They do all the process and it's been very popular in Japan.  Take a look of their website which is on English as well.  

Everyone brought a dish to share and ton's of BBQ as well as vegetable dish.  I met many cool people and I really had an amazing time at this party.  yay