July 29, 2011

✿Shall we Dance ?

My friend, Serra and I went out to dance with 1920's French music about 3 weeks ago.  
This Bay Area band Baguette Quartette played music which was heard in Paris between 1920 ~ 1940 in cafes, dance halls or on street at that time...

Before the actual party started, there were little dance lesson to dance like French back in 1920's.  It's all about making small steps.  Cafe in Paris is much smaller so it requires little steps, the lady who thought us dance said.

While they played beautiful live music, Serra and I dance with so many different partners and It recalls my father's favorite movie " Shall we Dance? " the original Japanese version from 1996.  By the way, my father loved ballroom dance and he went to dance almost every weekend and it was his favorite movie.  

I danced in different kinds of style like waltz, French little steps and other styles and some people were even dancing tango because the band played different types of music.  Also, each partner dance different than other so it was fun to dance with many partners !!  It's like male dancer put their hand towards you and ask your hand... silently asking, shall we dance ? .... so classic !!

You can check the band's website for their repertoire.  

I wore the cloche hat I made and beautiful vintage cream color silk dress which was very light so every time I turned, it flared so beautifully.  The lady who taught us dance earlier that night was a vintage costume designer and she really loved my dress !