August 05, 2011

✿Sour Cherries

My Japanese Tea Ceremony Master, Yuko-san gave me tons of sour cherries from her garden.  It was sour but it was really good. 
She recommended me to make comport with it.  She said it taste good on top of cake and I think these are good on biscuit as well.
I just made loquat comport the other day and I made sour cherry comport as she suggested.  I really enjoy making preserved food !
This sour cherry comport came out really yummy which combine both sourness and sweetness.

Left of the photo is a sour cherry liquor.  I just simply mixed it with coconut sugar and vodka.  I don't drink alcohol at all but these can be great treat when I have guests. It's high-alcohol so just little amount satisfy the guest and I still have prune wine I made 3 years ago. (I made a lot though...) 

My friend came to visit us from France, he loved my 3 year aged prune wine. 
By the way, I had 10 French friends came to stay at my place in last a month and a half.  You know, French people take long vacance in summer !  My friends brought their friends and I ended up having 10 guest.  
Last guest brought me macaroons from Paris !  yay~