September 24, 2011

✿Ichiro v.s. Matsui

Beginning of September, I went to Baseball game in Oakland.  
It was Seattle Mariners v.s. Oakland Athletics game and famous Japanese players Ichiro and Matsui played.  I went there with my Japanese friends and one of the girl was a big fan of Ichiro (Seattle Mariners) and we sat right behind the Matsuiland (Oakland A's fun).  We sat there because it was the closest seat from Ichiro.  (She wanted to be close to him...)  She was too shy to cheer for Ichiro because all of our surrounding were A's fan.  I personally enjoyed sitting that area because Matsuiland fun were so funny, joking and eating bacom candies and they had big panels of MATSUILAND that they put out every time Matsui was in the batting box and they were on big screens many times.

Our seat were behind these 3 Japanese Matuiland (A's) fan and there were so many A's fans around us.   I enjoyed speaking to this Godzilla guy.  Matsui is also known as Godzilla so this Japanese guy was wearing Godzilla mask and Japanese flag on his hand.   
My friend got a ball and she was really happy about it!  I don't really remember the score or anything about Ichiro and Godzilla how they play but I enjoyed eating grapes and pineapples I brought and watching A's fan more than the actual game... hahhaaha...  
One of the fan game me this MATSUILAND sticker !

Watch this video that my friend found on You Tube. You can actually see how funny they are and my friends and I are on this video...  I was sitting behind Godzilla guy wearing cream color top with beige color straw hat.  My friend who loves Ichiro is wearing Momoca navy color sun hat !! 

September 16, 2011

✿Le Petit Jardin

This is  a hidden cute little  place I found over this summer.  New cafe opened several months ago and this place is in the back of it.  The red little house is a law office I think.  I love the sigh of "Le Petit Jardin", it means "The Little Garden".

The cafe called Slow and  their menu is very simple like some sandwiches, some few side dished and 3 desserts that's ALL.  Very simple and nice as following Slow Food movement!

Many kinds of rose were blooming at the time and it was so beautiful !!

I was just waking by this place and when I saw the garden in the back, I wanted to sit on the bench so I went back to the inside of the cafe and order a cup of tea.  I had to enjoy being there for a moment even thought I wasn't thirsty.

September 12, 2011


I went to Ferry Building and stopped by my favorite shop, Miette.  
They make their own sweets and they are packaging are so sweet. They have really cute cakes like princess would eat and lots of candy and cookies.  I took some photos of beautiful cakes but they are in the show window that didn't come out good.

I really want to go visit Jack London location now...

September 08, 2011

✿99th Birthday

My friend, Nina's Grandmother Fujiko-san had her 99th birthday a few weeks ago.  
She is wearing such a pretty lace dress with the cute little boots on the photo at right.  I love this picture so so so much.   Look, how cute she is...  She is a 2nd generation of Japanese-American.  She was in Japan during the war but most of her family experienced being the concentrated camp.  

Even thought she looks like 85 years young and super active, she is actually 99 years old now.  She often works at garden and always working on Origami (Japanese paper art) and Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement).  She has many other hobbies and she is always curious to learn something new.  She loves to read and watch tennis match on TV. 

She said, the secret of her long life is curiosity and eating 80% full not 100% full.
I also notice that she has a great posture, even when she is sitting on the chair to read news paper, she doesn't lean on the back of the chair.  I feel that is the secret.  As her core is strong, she still walks great and go up and down the stairs by herself.  Actually, she still goes to work once or twice a week. 

She had 99th birthday party in the beautiful restaurant, there were about 100 gusts.  The day before the party, I went to her house to help make party favor.  She gave me a white blouse that her mother used to wear and I wore that to her birthday party.  Many people complimented of the blouse and they were all surprised to hear that it used to belong to her mother.

I go to see her a few times a month and its always fun to talk to her and hear her stories.  I'm so looking forward to celebrate her 100th birthday and many more birthday of Fujiko san.  
Thank you for always smiling at me and being there... you are such an inspiration !!


September 05, 2011

✿Rooftop Coffee Bar, MOMA

I've been to SFMOMA many times before but I didn't know until Serra told me about this Rooftop Coffee Bar locates top floor of the museum.  We were planing to go for dinner after the exhibition, so we just swing by to see the art cakes that Serra was telling me about.

This is a Mondrian Cake " Composition in Red, Blue and Yellow" 1930, and there were some other cakes and ice creams motif cakes as well.

Cute cookies...

September 04, 2011

✿Marie Laurencin

This painting is by Marie Laurencin, one of the collection of The Steins Collect at SF MOMA right now.  I was happy to find the post card at the museum store.   
Marie Laurencin was the only recognised female artist who was in the Art Circle (Le Bateau-Lavoir) of Pablo Picasso in Montmartre.
The title is " Group of Artists" .  
From left, Pablo Picasso, Marie Laurencin, her boy friend (poet), Guillaume Appollinaire , Fernande Olivier (Picasso's girl friend).  It was created in 1908.  

Laurencin often paints dogs (sometime other animals like birds or horse) or/and flowers which I find it very girly and romantic.  Sometime flowers or flower bases are painted in unusual places like she just put it there... and I really like that about her.  It's in imaginary places where she wants them.

I have this little book of Marie Laurencin which I got several years ago in Japan.  This book has lots of pictures of her art works and chronological table of her life with lots of details. 

This painting was at the SF MOMA and also on my book as well.  The title is "Appollinaire and his friends" 1909.
The writer, poet and her boyfriend, Guillaume Appollinaire Guillaume in the center of the painting, to his right is Pablo Picasso who introduce Laurencin and poet Marguerite Gillot next to Picasso.  Marie on the right with light blue dress.

I especially love her pastel color which you see more in her 1910's ~ 1920's works. Light gray, pale pink and light blue... dresses, flowers... in her dreamy world.

Mme André Groultnée Nicole Poiret, 1913

L'éventail, 1911 
This one is under strong influence of cubism of her good friend Picasso and  Braque.  

Femmes au chien, 1923~24

Potrait de Mademoiselle Coco Chanel, 1923
It was a trend in high society to have a portrait painted by Laurencin.  Coco Chanel sent back this portrait back to Laurencin claiming that it didn't look like her.   

Composition dite:Danseuses espagnoles, 1921
When Marie returns to Paris after 6 years from exile in Spain and Germany after the World War I, Dada and Surrealism were rising as she felt in need of changing her art style in formative design.  She painted this one in very calculated composition with the girls poses as well as dog and horse.   I thinks its has very nice harmony to it.

I love Marie Laurencin.

September 01, 2011


A few weeks ago, I went to SF MOMA to see The Steins Collect with my friend, Serra.  
American, the Steins and his family who lived in Paris were among the first to recognize the talents of Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso. 
It was really big collection that took so many sections of the museum with tons of Matisse and Picasso art works.  

There was a section for cubism was and there were maybe 6 or 8 small picasso paintings that shows process of how cubism works.
I was surprised to see Hokusai's art work in the collection as well.  

My favorite  one was "Group of Artists" from Marie Laurencin.
I will talk about her next time.

This exhibition ends in a few days so if you haven't chance to see them, I highly recommend it !



The Steins Collect
Henri Matisse, Femme au chapeau (Woman with a Hat), 1905; oil on canvas; Collection SFMOMA, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Bequest of Elise S. Haas; © Succession H. Matisse / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York