September 08, 2011

✿99th Birthday

My friend, Nina's Grandmother Fujiko-san had her 99th birthday a few weeks ago.  
She is wearing such a pretty lace dress with the cute little boots on the photo at right.  I love this picture so so so much.   Look, how cute she is...  She is a 2nd generation of Japanese-American.  She was in Japan during the war but most of her family experienced being the concentrated camp.  

Even thought she looks like 85 years young and super active, she is actually 99 years old now.  She often works at garden and always working on Origami (Japanese paper art) and Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement).  She has many other hobbies and she is always curious to learn something new.  She loves to read and watch tennis match on TV. 

She said, the secret of her long life is curiosity and eating 80% full not 100% full.
I also notice that she has a great posture, even when she is sitting on the chair to read news paper, she doesn't lean on the back of the chair.  I feel that is the secret.  As her core is strong, she still walks great and go up and down the stairs by herself.  Actually, she still goes to work once or twice a week. 

She had 99th birthday party in the beautiful restaurant, there were about 100 gusts.  The day before the party, I went to her house to help make party favor.  She gave me a white blouse that her mother used to wear and I wore that to her birthday party.  Many people complimented of the blouse and they were all surprised to hear that it used to belong to her mother.

I go to see her a few times a month and its always fun to talk to her and hear her stories.  I'm so looking forward to celebrate her 100th birthday and many more birthday of Fujiko san.  
Thank you for always smiling at me and being there... you are such an inspiration !!