September 24, 2011

✿Ichiro v.s. Matsui

Beginning of September, I went to Baseball game in Oakland.  
It was Seattle Mariners v.s. Oakland Athletics game and famous Japanese players Ichiro and Matsui played.  I went there with my Japanese friends and one of the girl was a big fan of Ichiro (Seattle Mariners) and we sat right behind the Matsuiland (Oakland A's fun).  We sat there because it was the closest seat from Ichiro.  (She wanted to be close to him...)  She was too shy to cheer for Ichiro because all of our surrounding were A's fan.  I personally enjoyed sitting that area because Matsuiland fun were so funny, joking and eating bacom candies and they had big panels of MATSUILAND that they put out every time Matsui was in the batting box and they were on big screens many times.

Our seat were behind these 3 Japanese Matuiland (A's) fan and there were so many A's fans around us.   I enjoyed speaking to this Godzilla guy.  Matsui is also known as Godzilla so this Japanese guy was wearing Godzilla mask and Japanese flag on his hand.   
My friend got a ball and she was really happy about it!  I don't really remember the score or anything about Ichiro and Godzilla how they play but I enjoyed eating grapes and pineapples I brought and watching A's fan more than the actual game... hahhaaha...  
One of the fan game me this MATSUILAND sticker !

Watch this video that my friend found on You Tube. You can actually see how funny they are and my friends and I are on this video...  I was sitting behind Godzilla guy wearing cream color top with beige color straw hat.  My friend who loves Ichiro is wearing Momoca navy color sun hat !!