September 16, 2011

✿Le Petit Jardin

This is  a hidden cute little  place I found over this summer.  New cafe opened several months ago and this place is in the back of it.  The red little house is a law office I think.  I love the sigh of "Le Petit Jardin", it means "The Little Garden".

The cafe called Slow and  their menu is very simple like some sandwiches, some few side dished and 3 desserts that's ALL.  Very simple and nice as following Slow Food movement!

Many kinds of rose were blooming at the time and it was so beautiful !!

I was just waking by this place and when I saw the garden in the back, I wanted to sit on the bench so I went back to the inside of the cafe and order a cup of tea.  I had to enjoy being there for a moment even thought I wasn't thirsty.