September 04, 2011

✿Marie Laurencin

This painting is by Marie Laurencin, one of the collection of The Steins Collect at SF MOMA right now.  I was happy to find the post card at the museum store.   
Marie Laurencin was the only recognised female artist who was in the Art Circle (Le Bateau-Lavoir) of Pablo Picasso in Montmartre.
The title is " Group of Artists" .  
From left, Pablo Picasso, Marie Laurencin, her boy friend (poet), Guillaume Appollinaire , Fernande Olivier (Picasso's girl friend).  It was created in 1908.  

Laurencin often paints dogs (sometime other animals like birds or horse) or/and flowers which I find it very girly and romantic.  Sometime flowers or flower bases are painted in unusual places like she just put it there... and I really like that about her.  It's in imaginary places where she wants them.

I have this little book of Marie Laurencin which I got several years ago in Japan.  This book has lots of pictures of her art works and chronological table of her life with lots of details. 

This painting was at the SF MOMA and also on my book as well.  The title is "Appollinaire and his friends" 1909.
The writer, poet and her boyfriend, Guillaume Appollinaire Guillaume in the center of the painting, to his right is Pablo Picasso who introduce Laurencin and poet Marguerite Gillot next to Picasso.  Marie on the right with light blue dress.

I especially love her pastel color which you see more in her 1910's ~ 1920's works. Light gray, pale pink and light blue... dresses, flowers... in her dreamy world.

Mme André Groultnée Nicole Poiret, 1913

L'éventail, 1911 
This one is under strong influence of cubism of her good friend Picasso and  Braque.  

Femmes au chien, 1923~24

Potrait de Mademoiselle Coco Chanel, 1923
It was a trend in high society to have a portrait painted by Laurencin.  Coco Chanel sent back this portrait back to Laurencin claiming that it didn't look like her.   

Composition dite:Danseuses espagnoles, 1921
When Marie returns to Paris after 6 years from exile in Spain and Germany after the World War I, Dada and Surrealism were rising as she felt in need of changing her art style in formative design.  She painted this one in very calculated composition with the girls poses as well as dog and horse.   I thinks its has very nice harmony to it.

I love Marie Laurencin.