October 20, 2011

✿Hemp Mask

These are some of my hemp items I made for home use.   
Hemp fabric is 4 times durable than cotton and breathable.  It has moisture absorption and sweat-absorbent so its warm in the winter and cool in summer.  Here is the link I wrote about hemp.
Tea pot matt is good for keeping the tea pot stays warm.  It's also great to use as cell phone matt because hemp has potential energy to neutralize electromagnetic wave.

Tea towel, I often use it as handkerchief.

Mask. Its great when you are coughing a lot.  It prevents spreading the virus to other people and it's etiquette to wear mask when you catch cold in Japan.   
Also, when the air is dry, it makes even more cough so keeping the mask around the mouth help to keep the moisture around!!

Rose hair accessories. I thought using hemp on accessories are cute as well !

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