October 18, 2011

✿Soaking Nuts

In raw food diet, soaking nuts in water for several hours before taste is basic and important technique to eat more healthy.  Nuts naturally contain enzyme inhibitors and it is also same for beans, grains and seeds.  Enzyme inhibitors components to prevent nuts and seeds from sprouting prematurely without right atmosphere like without sun light, or without water etc...

Enzyme inhibitors makes nuts hard to digest and that's why it needs to be soaked. By soaking the nuts in water for several hours, it clear off the enzyme inhibitors and make digest much easier.

In raw food diet, one of the most important focus is to take enzyme as much as possible from fresh vegetable, fruits and raw nut (grains, seed, beans as well)

Soaking nuts times depends on the density of the nuts.

Almonds 8 ~ 12 hours
Cashew nuts  2 ~ 3 hours
Walnuts  4 hours
pecan nuts   4 hours

also no need to soak Brazil nuts, hazel nuts, pine nuts.

I attended raw food class in Oakland a few month ago and the instructor told us that even in supermarket as wholefood sell RAW almonds but they are not truly mean RAW.  They've heat processed the nuts so that they don't get damaged by mold.  They are not roasted but not really raw.  Berkeley farmer's market sell REAL RAW almonds !!  yay ! (.....but it expensive !)

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