October 26, 2011

✿James Roland

Does anyone recognize what this place used to be ? 
Hint is...  the floor didn't change !
The answer is... 
This place used to be my shop, Momoca from August 8th 2000 to June 30th 2011 for 10 long years !!!
My friend of a friend, Dan has a vintage shop here now.  Dan and his partner have been selling high-end vintage shoes, bags and clothes. 

They've renovated this space incredibly beautiful and using a small space so dynamic.  
Their shop called James Roland.   

I used to design, sew and sell at this place...  

This is Dan, owner of James Roland.  If you haven't check out this place yet, please do !! I found a gorgeous vintage bag from South America and  ♥ I love it ♥   

-   James Roland   -
2447 Dwight Way (at Telegraph) Berkeley, CA 94704
Wednesday through Sunday 12 ~ 7 pm
They also have online shop