October 01, 2011

✿Raw Cacao Truffles

I love raw sweets.
I started eating raw food 2 years ago and one of the first raw sweet I ever made was this raw cacao truffles.  I can't even remember how many times I've made this over the last 2 years.  I probably make this at least 2 times a months.  

Since so many people have asked about this recipe, I would like to share it on my blog.
Most of the time, I don't measure each ingredients, I just follow how I feel that day.  less sweetness, more cacao powder, or almond nuts instead of cashew nuts... each times there is a bit of differences but basically, my recipe is something like this.

2 cups of raw cashew nuts (sometime I make with raw almonds)
6 Dates 
1 tbs of goji berry
1 tbs raw coconuts oil
2 tbs raw cacao powder
1 tbs raw maca powder
1/2 ts cinnamon powder
1 ts raw honey (maple syrup is ok)
1/2 cup of coconut flakes

First of all, soak the cashew nuts in water at least 2 hours (almond at least 8 hours).   Linse them well with running water to wash off enzyme inhibitors (this process is important when you eat raw nuts, it help easy digestion) Dry the nuts on dry towel for at least half an hour.

1. take out pits from dates.  put dates, goji berries, nuts in food processor until they become crumbs.
2. add coconuts oil and run the food processor until it blends.
3. add cacao powder, maca powder, cinammon powder and run food processor until it blends.
4. add honey or maple syrup.  if you like it to be more sweeter than recipe, add more as you desire.
5. make balls. size of the ball is about 1 tea spoon. 
6. put coconut flakes around the balls.  

You can taste it right away or keep in the fridge if you don't eat them right away!

enjoy !

Recently, I have been making this raw cacao truffles without raw honey or maple syrup.
I just add few more dates and its sweet enough for me !!