November 26, 2011

✿Holiday Sale

Momoca's holiday sale at Chillin' Show.
Please, come and find my booth at Mezzanine. 
444 Jessie Street in San Francisco on December 3rd.
Chillin’ Productions presents:
Saturday December 3, 2011

200 Artists,  80 Fashion Designers

When: December 3, 2011
Where: Mezzanine
444 Jessie Street, SF CA 94103
Cost: $10 at the door
Must be 21+ID

Video Installation by: Kent Bates
Music by:
DJ Big Happy (
DJ Dirtyhertz (
DJ Felina (
DJ Irene Hernandez-Feiks (
Rondo Brothers (
DJ Russell Vargas (
Live Painting by:
Daniel J Valdez
Jasper Thomas
Sean Sczepanik
Steve Javiel

Always supporting Bay Area talent!

For more information go to:
Art on the flyer: Renee Castro

November 21, 2011

✿Herb Tincture

About a month ago, I made herb tincture at aromatherapy class. 
Tincture is an alcohol extract (or vinegar extract).
I made 3 kinds of herb tincture at the class.
The left one is calendula oil, made with dry calendula flower and olive oil, good for sensitive skin.
The middle was was mix of calendula, lavender, german camomile with vodka and good dry skin and I'm planing to put this oil in my face cream when it's finish.
The left one is herb vinegar, rosemary and apple cider vinegar and it's good for hair. 

My Aroma teacher's Mari-san, always have nice house decoration. This area was all purple.

In spring, I made loquat extract. If you are interested, read here 

✿Loquat Essence 

✿Natural Medicine

November 13, 2011

✿Rainbow Flag Project

It's been 8 months since the earthquake and tsunami in Japan in March 11th.  Many victims says "hardest things is to be forgotten".  United Earth volunteer group from Japan put this project together to gather messages from 10 thousand people on the rainbow flags.

~ Kizuna : Rainbow Flag Project 2011 ~

More than 100 victims gather and made 56 of 2 meter by 2 meter (6.5 feet x 6.5 feet) rainbow flags and send to each prefectures in Japan and some foreign countries.  Their goal 
was to have at least 200 messages on each flags, 10 thousand messages total for the victims in Tohoku in a month from October 11th to November 11th 2011.

On 11-11-2011 at 11:11 am,  more than 200 local victims run up the 111 meter (121 feet) long flag in the city of Minami Sanriku Chou where it was affected by the earthquake and tsunami.

My friend, Yoko-san from San Francisco heard about this project and decided to join in October 27th while all the prefectures in Japan were working on this project for several weeks already.  She made a big flags and gather 176 people's message with her friend Yuko-san in just 8 days which is so incredible.  

I was fortunate to join in this project by writing the message on flag.  Thank you, Yoko-san.  She said, she was so grateful that she could join and to represent rainbow flags from  the rainbow flag city, San Francisco.

The next day, on 12th, Yoko-san sent me the link of this film.
Under the sky of Berkeley, America,
I'm always thinking of you guys.
Thank you 
for hanging in there.

At 3 minutes and 11 seconds of this video, I saw the message I wrote on the flag.  Oh my god, I was just so thrilled and had goose bumps, it was amazing to see my own message on the video.

I hope all of our messages reach to the heart of those victims who lost their family, friends, home or work.  We never forget about them, even after 8 months after the disaster, many people in many countries are still doing something what they can do to help victims.

I personally organized fundraising bazaar and "I love Japan" T-shirts sale with friends to support earthquake and tsunami victims.  We raised $36000.  For more info, please, check the site .

I also Adidas x Momoca collaborate project to support victims in Tohoku.
more info about this : here and here 

November 11, 2011


Today, 11-11, 2011 arond 11:11 am, I was meditating with my husband for a while.  
Being so grateful to all our friends and all the things are around us We hope we bring joy to friends and friends to become.  

Everyday, I want to have more smile on my face and in my heart and hope it vibrates to others.  Thank you to all my family and friends, thank you for being there for me !

+☺= ✌

(Love + Smile = Peace)

November 08, 2011

✿Raw Food

I like raw food and my friend, Haru-san made raw food lunch for us.
Onion crackers and kale chips.  She makes really good kale chips.

Made sandwich with onion crackers and fresh organic vegetables.

Vanilla and cacao macaroons.  

Dehydrator makes all these kind of food.
When I eat raw food, I usually eat fresh raw food, not even dehydrated but sometime, it's so yummy to eat these dried raw food as well.

November 02, 2011


Today, I just want to say " Merci " to you for reading this blog.  
Sometime, friends mention that they read my blog and enjoy it and I also know that there are many people who are out there don't even know me and reading my blog.  
I appreciate you all !  I know I have readers in so many different countries. 
I spend quite sometime to write my blog in two languages but I enjoy writing and sharing many things through my blog and will continue to write.  I hope you have fun reading it as well.
(I am sorry for my English grammar though)

Merci beaucoup !