November 21, 2011

✿Herb Tincture

About a month ago, I made herb tincture at aromatherapy class. 
Tincture is an alcohol extract (or vinegar extract).
I made 3 kinds of herb tincture at the class.
The left one is calendula oil, made with dry calendula flower and olive oil, good for sensitive skin.
The middle was was mix of calendula, lavender, german camomile with vodka and good dry skin and I'm planing to put this oil in my face cream when it's finish.
The left one is herb vinegar, rosemary and apple cider vinegar and it's good for hair. 

My Aroma teacher's Mari-san, always have nice house decoration. This area was all purple.

In spring, I made loquat extract. If you are interested, read here 

✿Loquat Essence 

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