December 24, 2011

✿Christmas Inspiration Box

Last year, we made wreath and swag and this year, we made Christmas Inspiration Box at the flower class.  I arranged the little girl paper, cinnamon sticks, red bees wax candles,  acorn, little wreath, moss, Christmas greens and other pretty plants.

Took a photo in front of the tree with other student's works. Some people takes a little time and other take much longer time to make.  It's so interesting to see every one's work at the end.
My flower teacher, Mari-san's house decoration.

 She loves decorating her house and she always does it so beautiful.

We always have afternoon tea together after the class.   
Mari-san made this raw cacao cake.

One lady brought ginger cookies.

I brought raw coconut chips that my friend made which he sent from Hawaii.

She also made these little felt tarts.  I have one and I love it so much.   I always enjoy visiting her house.
Joyeux Noël...