December 15, 2011

✿Maple & The Deer

It was just the other day when I went to glossary stores just several block away from my house...    As I was walking and stepping on maple leaves with a sound of dried falling leaves...

2 deers which I think they were a parent and a child and I unexpectedly met on the street.  We didn't see each other because a tall car was parked on the side street in between us.   When we met, we were only within 10 yards away from each other.  While I was standing still, deers run to the other side of the street quickly.

From the other side, he/she was checking me out...  I said, "I'm so happy to see you guys, thank you" loud enough that they can hear.
In this photo, it seems like the maple tree branch was falling but got stuck.  It looks like the deer is carrying the branch on the shoulder? but it's not !