December 30, 2011

✿Tea Party

I've been taking Japanese Tea Ceremony Lesson in Oakland from a Japanese Master. I'm surprised to know how much things to remember in order to have a tea ceremony in the right way.   

Anyway, away from my Japanese Tea Ceremony Lesson, I hosted an afternoon tea party and invited my tea master and tea lesson mates to my house about a week ago.

We had lemon verbena leaves that I dried for herb tea and my favorite French tea company Mariage Frères tea with my Maccha Maron Banana Cake after we had Japanese food for lunch.  Maccha (matcha) is green tea powder and maron is chesnut in French.

I love making sweets more than savory food.  This cake tasted really delicious and it came out pretty as well.  From the bottom part, 1st layer is the green tea flavored sponge cake. 2nd is the maron (chesnut) cream, 3rd is the whipped cream and banana.

I had such a great afternoon tea time with my tea master and mates in such a different environment in western way of enjoying tea.