January 27, 2012

✿Lip Cream

We made toner, massage oil and lip cream at aromatheraphy class a few day ago.  I made toner with chamomile water, chamomile essential oil and purified water.  It's supposed to be good for dry skin and other class mates made rose toner.
I usually make rose toner myself so now I have 2 kinds of toner !!  So nice !

It's hard to see in this photo but this pot has 2 layers and it has candle on the bottom layer to heat the bee's wax.  I put bee's wax, sweet almond oil, honey and lavender essential oil to make lip cream.  It's so nice to have essential oil in daily life, it uplifts my mood. 

As always, my teacher's house decoration is so beautiful.  This time, I saw lots of birds... Do you see the tiny bird cage ?  kawaii~~~.

She made special rice with red beans (koso genmai) also salad and desert for us.     
My teacher, Mari-san is also my flower teacher and she is such a wonderful person, she is so sweet and lovely.   I love her taste !