January 07, 2012

✿Tail of The Yak (1)

This is one of my favorite shop in Berkeley.  It called " Tail of The Yak ".
Every time I go in the shop, I take photos of the display (I always ask first if I can take photos) and it changes all the time !  
They have this old mannequine and it's very beautiful.

They have all kinds of beautiful Asian-chic items to French-chic items, vintage jewelries, calligraphy pens and papers, candle holders, soaps... Anything looks cute for the home.

They always changes display of the show windows and inside of the shop so I enjoy visiting this shop a lot.

The black and white paper art in the middle is their original calendar for 2011.   One of the owner, lauren design their calendars every year.  I've been collecting their beautiful calendars for last several years and I've been fan of this shop for a while and Lauren and her sons used to come to my shop and that made us closer.

Tail of The Yak
2632 Ashby Ave. (at College Ave.) Berkeley, California 94705

This photo was taking earlier 2011.  Tomorrow, I will post thier new display and new calendar for 2012.
(I always ask before I take photos...)