February 02, 2012

✿Calligraphy Class 1

I'm learning calligraphy with pen from Lauren, the co-owner of Tail of the yak at her beautiful house.

In Japan, we learn calligraphy with brush in elementarly school but writing with pen is something new for me and I enjoy it very much.  I've been wanting to learn calligraphy with pen for a long time and I finally have the opportunity to learn it and it's so amazing that Lauren is my teacher.   She is the one who does the Tail of the Yak calendar every year and she is such an amazing artist.  

During the little break time, she offer light lunch and sweets for students.  It's very sweet of her!

I love this tea pot.  Believe me, she has very beautiful things all over the house like the interior you see on the magazine...   

Ms. Lauren  McIntosh
Tail of the Yak 1
Tail of the Yak 2