February 02, 2012

✿Madame Lauren

This is my calligraphy teacher, Lauren's house.  Lauren did both art work on the wall and the paper flower ornament.  You can see some of her paper decoration at her shop, Tail of the Yak in Berkeley, California as well.

The antique mannequine in the living room.  I love the color of this room, lime green curtain and lemon and melon color cusion in gray tone sofas... all natural tone color are so pretty together.

These are also her art works.  They are really big (maybe like 8 feet) and so dynamic yet so feminine. 
Going down the stairs, there is a Lauren's large art studio space.

A wall in her studio.

Pretty antique tea pots and her real wedding cake.  She said, top part of the cake is only form and icing so that it last for a long time which I never knew...   It's so pretty. 

Just like at her shop, she has birds in her house.  There were at least 4 cages and they are all so beautiful and look vintage.  Some birds laugh so so funny that makes me laugh every time I hear them.  

 I find beautiful things... all over  in this house like tea cups, tea pots, plates art works from many artists and many more...  ah.... I love this place.  
( I have Lauren's permission to write this article and photos)
Thank you, Lauren.

Ms. Lauren  McIntosh

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