February 08, 2012

✿Wood Carver

I visited Japanese wood carver, Mr. Zoshi, Takayuki who lives in Sebastopol which is about an hour away from Berkeley.
Mystical wood carved pieces at his atelier/gallery. 

Mr. Zoshi came to the United States when he was 30 years old to join a Peace Walk for an antinuclear weapon and walked 6000 miles from Los Angeles to New York.  His journey took 8 months and he told me that he didn't think America was this big...   A few years after this journey, he decided to live in the United States.

As he walked across the United States, he started to carving a piece of wood using a wood carving tool he brought with him from Japan and he made a Buddha which is in the center of the photo.  It was his very first wood carving piece he ever made but at the same time,  it looks like it was done by someone professional.   Every detail from the little balls on the Buddha's head and face were so real and from every angles, it was nothing but a high-quality finished piece.

After the journey, carving woods became a big part of him and he makes living by it now. He creates his own works and takes custom orders such as museum etc...

My favorite is a goddess who wears a crescent moon head accessory on her Challah bread shaped hat and floating on the cloud.  It's hard to see it on this photo but the color is very fairy tale like. It's very dreamy, so peaceful and precious. 

 His wood carving tools.
 (he has more tools but not in the photo)

He told me some woods are good for carving and some are not... 

He uses Japanese rock pigments to color them.   

He teaches wood carving at his atelier and he has the carving process samples. 

All the things you see on these photos are done by Mr. Zoshi.  Not only the wood carving pieces but also the table, shelves, and the atelier and gallery building itself was done by him as well.  I was very much impressed to see his work and also the atelier and gallery space was built by himself.  I felt that I met the real artist who dedicates all to his life.   Thank you, Zoshi-san.

He has video...