March 19, 2012

✿Creative Growth Art Installation

Last Friday March 16th, Creative Growth Art Center Gallery in Oakland had their amazing fundraising event.   
Creative Growth Art Center Gallery has a large studio space and a large gallery space for the people who are mentally or physically challenged (disable).
Before I talk about the fundraising event, let me explain how I helped decorating the space with papers.  I helped Lauren from the Tail of They Yak.

We made lots of flowers, tassels, chains and lanterns using papers.

A week after, those were painted by the artist at Creative Growth Center.

and then... we put lanterns, chains and  tassels together.

We made 3 really huge lanterns as well.  I could easily get inside of the lanterns, that's how big they were.

Thisand thiswere middle sized lanterns which are about 3 soccer balls size.

This artist painted on the rolls of paper and we used that to make table skirts.  I love her art.  I enjoyed watching many artist's work here.  

We covered the tables.  How pretty !

This is only half side of the space and there were more installation behind me.  

Aren't they so beautiful ? I enjoyed working on this project so much !!  
When my friend came to the event and saw the installation, he said he almost cried because it was so beautiful.   
This place already look beautiful but this is not the final look yet.

I will post about the event day shortly !