March 20, 2012

✿Trend Beyond at Creative Growth

March 16th Friday, I went to a great event at Creative Growth Art Center Gallery.  It was their fundraising !!    
I helped paper lanterns art installation.  
Read about it here and here.
Artist of this card image is by Merritt Wallace.  

The gallery view from the second floor.  
This place was packed with well dressed people. 
When I took this photo, most of the people were already in the other room getting ready to watch the fashion show by the Creative Growth artists.  

Art worsks by  Donald MitchelleDan Mille, 
Dwight Mackintosh.
Creative Growth Art Center Gallery has a large studio space and a large gallery space for the people who are mentally or physically challenged (disable).

This art center offer so many different mediums to the artist.   Painting, dwawing, ceramic, wood cut, weaving, making clothes... probably more...

These artists had fashion show.   It was so amazing to see these artists modeling their own clothes that they created and  having a great time on the stage.  Dancing, posing... ah... that was such a great show !  I think it made some people cry... I never seen people crying by watching the fashion show but... this one, I did and I know some other person did!  

They had live action and raised lots of money.  This bike was painted by Donald Mitchelle and sold around $2600, I think.  
Ms. Alice Water was there and she donated such a wonderful thing.  2 People can have an exprience to cook at the Chez Panisse and have a private tour to Edible School Yard with Alice Water.  2 people got it for around $2600.  
So many great things got sold at the live auction and silent auction, also many people donated cash.  

It was one of the most wonderful event I have ever been to.  The energy was so awesome and I was so happy to be there and to be a part of it !!!

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