April 30, 2012

✿A Gift From...

Today, I opened the mail box and found a little gift.  
She is a friend of my friend and we never met each other but we have been communicating through email and checking each other's blog.  She live is L.A. but I would like to meet her one day... 
I love the package and the original card she made with Japanese masking tapes with her original calligraphy saying "Thank you".

She send me this lovely antique medicine glass bottle.  
I wonder how old this is...
* (she told me next day... it's between 1890 to 1920)

Even the stamps seems old...
I just checked and it was in 1991 when the letter stamps cost 29 cents.
I appreciate she used these precious old stamps to send it to me because I assumed that she kept them for the right moment.

Thank you so much Mayumi san ♡♡♡

Mayumi san's web/blog is here... she makes jewelry.


Koi fish on the sidewalk in San Francisco... 


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April 16, 2012

✿Earth Day Event

Earth Day event at the Civic Center Park in Berkeley this coming Saturday !!
On every Saturday, there is a Farmer's Market on Center Street right in front the Civic Center Park so it will be fun to visit both events this Saturday.
Many booths will be selling natural products and food, and Usaato clothing from Japan are joining at this event.  
Usaato clothing are made in small villages in Thailand and Laos.  They weave their own hemp and cotton fabric and same person starts and finishes one garment unlike mass production at the factory.  

Usaato clothing are very popular in Japan.
Take a look some of their new collection on their website.

I will be selling Momoca's straw hats as well !!
Please, stop by at the booth.

Our booth is #93. 
(click this image to enlarge the booth map)
Many things will be happening at the event, natural product booths, food booths and music and dance on the stage.

April 21st. Saturday
12 ~ 5 P.M.
Civic Center Park on Milvia street in Berkeley, CA

April 09, 2012


Ohana means flower in Japanese.

Beautiful spring flowers are blooming and I went to the flower arrangement class in beginning of March.  There were lots of flowers and greens to choose from.

There were lots of colorful flowers but I felt like arranging blue and purple flowers that day.  

After the class, we enjoyed afternoon tea.  
My friend Haru-san made quiche and raw kale chips.  ( Can you see me taking a photo in the tea pot ?)

Flower teacher, Mari-san made raw strawberry cake and kanten (agar) dessert with kiwi and strawberries.  
I always enjoy going to the flower class !!

April 04, 2012


I got this T-shirt created by one of the artist from Creative Growth Art Center/Gallery  in Oakland. It's Michelle Obama. I love the Olympic mark on the upper left side.

Creative Growth At Center Gallery has a large studio space and a large galley space for the people who are mentally or physically challenged (disable).

It doesn't say which artist did this t-shirts , but many creation at the Creative Growth are wonderful.  I highly recommend to have a visit to this Art Center/ Gallery !!

Please read these blog pages I wrote about fundraising for Creative Growth if you didn't read yet. 

Trend Beyond at Creative Growth
Creative Growth Art Installation
Creative Growth

April 03, 2012


One of my favorite flower, Peonies  from my garden.  
It started to bloom in the end of February and now its all finish... I wish they bloom little bit longer but I enjoyed so much last one month.

I've been enjoying gardening last several days so that I can enjoy more flowers, herbs and vegetables !!  

I love rearranging the room furnitures and every time I do that, I get to rid of the unnecessary things.   I feel so fresh and I can concentrate so much deeper after I rearrange my space and I get great ideas as well !

So, while I was gardening, I was also rearranging my garden furnitures and place of flower pots...

I love having antique and vintage things but now I am so enjoying to let go of my belongings even things used to be my favorites if I don't love or need anymore.  
I feel FREE without "lots of things" and keeping only the things I truly love.