April 16, 2012

✿Earth Day Event

Earth Day event at the Civic Center Park in Berkeley this coming Saturday !!
On every Saturday, there is a Farmer's Market on Center Street right in front the Civic Center Park so it will be fun to visit both events this Saturday.
Many booths will be selling natural products and food, and Usaato clothing from Japan are joining at this event.  
Usaato clothing are made in small villages in Thailand and Laos.  They weave their own hemp and cotton fabric and same person starts and finishes one garment unlike mass production at the factory.  

Usaato clothing are very popular in Japan.
Take a look some of their new collection on their website.

I will be selling Momoca's straw hats as well !!
Please, stop by at the booth.

Our booth is #93. 
(click this image to enlarge the booth map)
Many things will be happening at the event, natural product booths, food booths and music and dance on the stage.

April 21st. Saturday
12 ~ 5 P.M.
Civic Center Park on Milvia street in Berkeley, CA