April 30, 2012

✿A Gift From...

Today, I opened the mail box and found a little gift.  
She is a friend of my friend and we never met each other but we have been communicating through email and checking each other's blog.  She live is L.A. but I would like to meet her one day... 
I love the package and the original card she made with Japanese masking tapes with her original calligraphy saying "Thank you".

She send me this lovely antique medicine glass bottle.  
I wonder how old this is...
* (she told me next day... it's between 1890 to 1920)

Even the stamps seems old...
I just checked and it was in 1991 when the letter stamps cost 29 cents.
I appreciate she used these precious old stamps to send it to me because I assumed that she kept them for the right moment.

Thank you so much Mayumi san ♡♡♡

Mayumi san's web/blog is here... she makes jewelry.