April 03, 2012


One of my favorite flower, Peonies  from my garden.  
It started to bloom in the end of February and now its all finish... I wish they bloom little bit longer but I enjoyed so much last one month.

I've been enjoying gardening last several days so that I can enjoy more flowers, herbs and vegetables !!  

I love rearranging the room furnitures and every time I do that, I get to rid of the unnecessary things.   I feel so fresh and I can concentrate so much deeper after I rearrange my space and I get great ideas as well !

So, while I was gardening, I was also rearranging my garden furnitures and place of flower pots...

I love having antique and vintage things but now I am so enjoying to let go of my belongings even things used to be my favorites if I don't love or need anymore.  
I feel FREE without "lots of things" and keeping only the things I truly love.