May 31, 2012


I've been watching " Thrive " video for several times already and today, I opened an account at the local bank !
I am so happy I did that !!

let's do what we can do to change the old system... one by one... but quickly !!

I just wanted to share this link if you haven't watch Thrive, please watch and think about it.
Can be seen in 14 languages.

May 25, 2012

✿Anthropologie Display

I love going to Anthropologie and I always enjoy seeing the display. 
Last week, I saw paper fishes flowing under the sealing and paper corals.
I loved these lovely colors and textures !!

Long time ago, I even asked if I could have a piece of display when they have new display cycle...
They said No... (sad....)  
I think it was a small mushroom display that I thought it could fit in my house... most of the time, their display are huge because this shop is large.

*I think they said they could donate to schools or something like that but not to the  individuals.

May 22, 2012

✿Edible Schoolyard

Edible Schoolyard had their annual plant sale and I went there the first time.  I go to edible schoolyard a few time a year to enjoy waking the garden but never been to the plant sale so I was looking forward to it.

I bought 2 tomato and sage plants.  
There were tons of other vegetable, fruit, herb and flower plants.
The profit of the sale goes to schoolyard project and it's so nice to support local school.

Some local business like Ici (ice cream shop on College Ave.) were their to support this event and they were selling these cookies.

May 21, 2012

✿Salted Cherry Blossom

About 4 weeks ago, I made salted cherry blossom the first time !
To make these, we use Yaezakura, it's a kind of cherry blossom that has lots of layers of petal.  My Japanese Tea Master gave me those petal from her garden.

Pick blossoms before they open up then wash the blossoms and dry and put them in a jar with sea salt for a day. (20% of sea salt of the blossoms weight)

The juice will come out from the blossoms so take that out and add plum vinegar (either withe or red) for 3 ~ 4 days.
I used my homemade plum vinegar I made last year when I made picked plum (umeboshi).

Take them out from the jar and dry if for 3~4 days.
They are ready to taste or keep them in a jar with sea salt if you don't eat right away.
It's good as tea, soup or with rice and as a topping on the sweets.

I had salted cherry blossom as tea with matcha cake and lemon cookies I made.
I made this ceramic cup and spoon as well.
The tea tasted very delicate and feels so feminine drinking it while petal flows in the tea cup.

May 20, 2012


I picked bamboos from my garden the other day.  
My neighbor has some bamboo and root comes all the way to my garden and every year in May and June, my garden looks like bamboo forest.  
A few years ago, I decided to eat them and now I look forward to seeing them.  The bamboo forest in my garden is just for 2 months so I don't minded it.
Many of the bamboos are thin like chop sticks but some gets wide as 1 inch and I pick those ones.

After taking the outside layer, it becomes even smaller...  
I cooked with rice and it was really good !

May 12, 2012

✿Hungarian Rose Water

In the aroma therapy class, we made Hungarian Rose Water.  I have to wait a month to start using it !!  

This is the cream I made in the class... It's very thick that it's good as a hand cream...  My mixture of essential oils were, chamomile roman, rosemary, frankincense along with rose tincture, shea butter and sweet almond oil.

My teacher sells some tinctures she made.  She always display nicely.

After the class, my favorite cafe time begin !!

Vegan cake.
This is almond cheese. It's not cheese but looks and taste like cheese.   
It was my first time I tried it and I liked it that I went to buy it at the store next day ! haha..

May 11, 2012


As a hobby, I work with clay to make dishes and sometime objects.  Since 1 or 2 moths ago, I have been selling my clay works at Collector Art Shop on College Ave. in Berkeley.

This small dish is nice as a tea candle holder as well as little chocolate plate. I made these with white clay as well.


Acorn plate.

This little plates are my signature piece. I made lots of dishes in this style with many different clay and color.

My items are not sold at their web site, only at the shop !!

Collector Art Shop
2950 College Ave. Berkeley CA 94705
Store Hours
Mon-Thur • 11 a.m to 6 p.m., 
Fri-Sat • 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., 
Sun • 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.

May 05, 2012

✿Hemp Apron

I have been making hemp product for a while now and I want to show you what I made in last few months.  These are hemp aprons and I stitched with embroidery threads.

When you open the apron, it looks like this.  It has pleat and blue denim string is for hanging hand towel.
Tea cozy in 2 different size. This one is a large size.

Small size tea cozy.
I love the looks of it and these really keeps the tea and tea pot warm.

I kept this fabric for a long time and it was the right time to use it. I cut out each girls and made sachet with organic lavender. The back side fabric is hemp.

These are tea pot mat. 

... and popular tea towel.  I use it as handkerchief, too.

I wrote more information and detail about hemp before, please read to discover more about hemp fabric.

Also, check out my blog post of Hemp category.