May 05, 2012

✿Hemp Apron

I have been making hemp product for a while now and I want to show you what I made in last few months.  These are hemp aprons and I stitched with embroidery threads.

When you open the apron, it looks like this.  It has pleat and blue denim string is for hanging hand towel.
Tea cozy in 2 different size. This one is a large size.

Small size tea cozy.
I love the looks of it and these really keeps the tea and tea pot warm.

I kept this fabric for a long time and it was the right time to use it. I cut out each girls and made sachet with organic lavender. The back side fabric is hemp.

These are tea pot mat. 

... and popular tea towel.  I use it as handkerchief, too.

I wrote more information and detail about hemp before, please read to discover more about hemp fabric.

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