May 21, 2012

✿Salted Cherry Blossom

About 4 weeks ago, I made salted cherry blossom the first time !
To make these, we use Yaezakura, it's a kind of cherry blossom that has lots of layers of petal.  My Japanese Tea Master gave me those petal from her garden.

Pick blossoms before they open up then wash the blossoms and dry and put them in a jar with sea salt for a day. (20% of sea salt of the blossoms weight)

The juice will come out from the blossoms so take that out and add plum vinegar (either withe or red) for 3 ~ 4 days.
I used my homemade plum vinegar I made last year when I made picked plum (umeboshi).

Take them out from the jar and dry if for 3~4 days.
They are ready to taste or keep them in a jar with sea salt if you don't eat right away.
It's good as tea, soup or with rice and as a topping on the sweets.

I had salted cherry blossom as tea with matcha cake and lemon cookies I made.
I made this ceramic cup and spoon as well.
The tea tasted very delicate and feels so feminine drinking it while petal flows in the tea cup.