June 26, 2012

✿Calligraphy Class 3

Calligraphy class ended a few weeks ago. It was my second session and every session, there are 5 classes.
This is my writing, I got little better than the first day...

At the last day of each sessions, we do calligraphy before lunch and art project in the afternoon. We made stumps this time !   I made M for Momoca !!
In the beginning of the year's session, we made paper lantern.

We stamped everyone's work on the same paper.  

My teacher Lauren was wearing white dress she made.
oh... she is doing her art show in Oakland.  I went to see and it was such a great pieces of her art at the show.  
"Must see art show" of the year for me !!

Michelle is wearing such a beautiful top and jacket which she had someone made for her and she got this fabric at Tail of The Yak (Lauren's shop).
That day, there were 4 people were wearing yellow clothes including me and Michelle...
I felt very summerly !

How pretty is these flowers are...

Kathleen always make food for the class and this time, she made cold tomato soup and this chocolate cake with raspberry sauce.   She really makes delicious food every time ! 

and... she always put together  her recipes she made for the class and gives to us...
she is so nice !

I really enjoy going to Lauren's calligraphy class ♥♥♥

June 18, 2012


My favorite shop, Lacis is having antique hat exhibit right now !  
I can spend hours in this shop looking at antique lace, antique hats, antique dresses, books and all kinds of material and tools !!

There are so much to look at in this shop and I can spend hours here...
They even have chairs and table at the book section so I relax and enjoy some fashion history books and how to books.

They were time people used to wear these kinds of hats everyday... 
How wonderful...

They have wedding section next to the gallery space.  
You can find antique and new items in this shop.

2982 Adeline Street 
Berkeley, CA 94703

June 15, 2012

✿Lauren McIntosh Art Show

My calligraphy teacher, Lauren McIntosh is having her art show in Oakland right now and I went to see the exhibit last Saturday with my friend, Pauline.

I think I saw few pieces while she was working at home but there were lots more  art and they are so cute and feminine and I really love them.  She is my favorite artist !

This exhibit goes until mid July and I highly recommend to see the actual work.  
Maybe if you go to July 3rd, First Friday Oakland Art Murmur, you may be able to see the artist in person.

447 25th Street, Oakland CA 94612

June 1st ~ July 21st. 2012
Open : 
First Friday of the month, 6 ~ 9 pm (June 1st and July 3rd)
& every Saturdays, 1 ~ 5 pm

✿Aroma Class & Baby Shower

I made perfume and powder flagrance last time at the aromatherapy class.
I love this powder.  I mix frankincense, roman chamomile, rose wood and lavender essential oil for the powder.

As usual, we had a tea time after the class but this time was a bit special.  My friend, Ki-ko chan who comes to the class is expecting a baby in July and we had a baby shower for her.   
My friend Haru-san made the pretty scones with berries and Yuko-san made carrot and spinach cakes.  I made matcha cake with goji berries (the one in the center).  The teacher had salad, cauliflower pickles and more.

It was a sweet little party with many lovely food and, I enjoyed it so much !  

June 09, 2012

✿Lauren's Lovely flowers

Last week, when I went to calligraphy class, I was so rushing and thinking that I was late to the class but when I arrived, no one was there... then... I realized that I came half an hour early.  I did the same thing at the last class as well ...  It's weird but I can't never remember what time the class starts.  
so... I went down to Lauren's (teacher) garden while I was waiting the class to start.  
I have the same plant in very small pot but at Lauren's garden, they were in between rocks and glowing widely and pretty.  

This rose is called Madame Hardy.  Can you see green insects looks like beetle ?


Her pet, Kitty eating fresh vegetables.

 Her wild flower arrangement is so nice.

All these flowers are from her garden.



Lauren's friend, Katherine made beautiful almond cakes and decorated with rose petal.

She made 2 cakes... I had 3 pieces because it was so good ...!
Katherine cooks for each time we have classes and treats us so nice.

There were cucumber and egg bread dish as well ... 
chive flowers for garnish...

I love learning calligraphy and meeting many interesting ladies at the class. ♡♡♡  

June 06, 2012

✿Tea Bags Bed

Lots of tea bags... sewn together... 
I saw this art work at ACCI Gallery in Berkeley on Shattuck Ave. about 1 to 2 months ago.

I love this idea and I am so fascinated by this artist saved up all these tea bags to make actual art piece not just holding on the idea because thinking about it is the easy part but actually making it happen takes time and effort !  

I love the different tones of brown and it's nice that she kept strings and paper parts.  It's such an ecologically friendly art piece and makes me feel very peaceful.

June 05, 2012

✿Santa Cruz

Last weekend, Jasko and I went to Santa Cruz for his beach soccer games.
It was really great weather and we had so much fun being at the beach !

We also went to pick organic strawberries at Swanton Farms.  I want to show you the photos but I might have deleted them somehow because I can't find them.  
I love Swanton Farm's strawberries and they have great jams that Jasko loves.  At the farm stand, there had many more kinds of jams to taste that they don't bring to the Berkeley farmer's market on Saturday and all of them were so good.  We loved the olallieberry jam the best !  Oh, we had strawberry short cake there as well.

After the Swanton Berry Farm, we went to Capitola beach.
My friend Rahnel used to go to University there and she told me all the nice places to visit in or near Santa Cruz.
Capitola was cute and had colorful buildings by the beach. 

so nice to walk on sand ...

me... waiting someone to pass the ball...  

I been in Santa Cruz several times before but this time, I got to see little bit of other places and it was nice... like Swanton Strawberry Farms and Capitola.  I went to downtown and found cute beach sandals.
I also loved the bakery called The Buttery near the Whole Foods Market, I went there twice in those 3 days.

It was such a great weekend ! 
We won the final !!  and... beach... soccer games... olallieberry puffs from Buttery Bakery...  strawberries from Swanton Berry Farm... gorgeous hotel with great pool in front of the beach and great people from the soccer team.
I am so grateful, thank you !