June 26, 2012

✿Calligraphy Class 3

Calligraphy class ended a few weeks ago. It was my second session and every session, there are 5 classes.
This is my writing, I got little better than the first day...

At the last day of each sessions, we do calligraphy before lunch and art project in the afternoon. We made stumps this time !   I made M for Momoca !!
In the beginning of the year's session, we made paper lantern.

We stamped everyone's work on the same paper.  

My teacher Lauren was wearing white dress she made.
oh... she is doing her art show in Oakland.  I went to see and it was such a great pieces of her art at the show.  
"Must see art show" of the year for me !!

Michelle is wearing such a beautiful top and jacket which she had someone made for her and she got this fabric at Tail of The Yak (Lauren's shop).
That day, there were 4 people were wearing yellow clothes including me and Michelle...
I felt very summerly !

How pretty is these flowers are...

Kathleen always make food for the class and this time, she made cold tomato soup and this chocolate cake with raspberry sauce.   She really makes delicious food every time ! 

and... she always put together  her recipes she made for the class and gives to us...
she is so nice !

I really enjoy going to Lauren's calligraphy class ♥♥♥