June 09, 2012

✿Lauren's Lovely flowers

Last week, when I went to calligraphy class, I was so rushing and thinking that I was late to the class but when I arrived, no one was there... then... I realized that I came half an hour early.  I did the same thing at the last class as well ...  It's weird but I can't never remember what time the class starts.  
so... I went down to Lauren's (teacher) garden while I was waiting the class to start.  
I have the same plant in very small pot but at Lauren's garden, they were in between rocks and glowing widely and pretty.  

This rose is called Madame Hardy.  Can you see green insects looks like beetle ?


Her pet, Kitty eating fresh vegetables.

 Her wild flower arrangement is so nice.

All these flowers are from her garden.



Lauren's friend, Katherine made beautiful almond cakes and decorated with rose petal.

She made 2 cakes... I had 3 pieces because it was so good ...!
Katherine cooks for each time we have classes and treats us so nice.

There were cucumber and egg bread dish as well ... 
chive flowers for garnish...

I love learning calligraphy and meeting many interesting ladies at the class. ♡♡♡