July 25, 2012

✿Alice Waters, Bastille Day

Chez Panisse restaurant in Berkeley celebrates French Bastille Day every year in July 14th. 

Little while ago, I wrote on my blog that I met Alice Waters, the owner of Chez Panisse and she asked me to make fascinator for her for Bastille Day.

So here it is. This is what I made for her.
She requested French flag colors.

It was such an amazing opportunity to make a piece for Alice to wear for a special day.  I am so grateful !

I went to see Alice at Chez Panisse on Bastille day and she looked amazing with it.  She told me she was getting lots of compliments for the piece I made.

Thank you so much, Alice.

July 23, 2012

✿Tea with Pattie

I had tea with Pattie at Lovejoy's Tea Room in San Francisco a few weeks ago.  I love this tea house and it was my 4th time been there and it always so special to visit this place.  I had really great afternoon with a special lady, Pattie.
We both ordered High Tea which included sandwiches, coleslaw, green salad, scone, biscuit with devon cream and mayer lemon curd.  I had Vanilla rooibos tea.

Pattie is always looks so amazing with lots of colors on her clothes.  She is into Mexican art and clothes and she collects them.  She loves Frida Kahlo and she named her two dogs as Frida and Diego. 

There are Lovejoy's antique shop across the street.

Lot's of tea cups and other antiques as well.

After we had tea, she took me to the shop on Valencia.  I forgot the name of the shop but it's call something Gypsy... I love this old French dolls and the owner was really nice.

I have been meeting interesting madam lately and so fun to have elder friends that could teach me things with their own experience...

Thank you pattie, I had such a wonderful afternoon with you !

July 11, 2012

✿Dosa at Chez Panisse

I went to Dosa trunk sale at Chez Panisse in Berkeley about 10 days ago.
Dosa is from Los Angeles and they make clothing with natural fibers and natural dye colors.
Chez Panisse is the famous restaurant but that day, all the tables and chairs were put away and it was a pop-up shop in the both floors. 
40% of the sale were donated to Alice Water's Edible Schoolyard Project that day and there were lots of people hunting sale price Dosa clothing, rugs, cotton towel etc...  

They were lots of clothing with indigo dye as well.

I bought a beautiful square neckline dress like Marie Antoinette.
I really love my dress and Lauren, thank you for letting me know about this pop-up shop !

Also, madame Alice Water order a fascinator that she is going to wear on French Bastille day (July 14th) from me !
I finish making it and I am bring it to her tomorrow. yay!

July 08, 2012

✿Atomic Garden

I like this shop called Atomic Garden.  
It locates in Rockridge area in North Oakland. (next to Berkeley)

They focus on carrying things are good for people and the planet.  Many sustainable products are filling the shelves and racks.
Their products are not just sustainable, they are also beautiful as well.  I love their taste and I enjoy stopping by this shop.

There are little kid's area as well and the display is so cute !

They carrie clothes from Dosa and Matta etc...  and lots of linen.

I bought this mango wood board.
It's little orange color and it was on sale. yay !

Atomic Garden
5453 College Ave.
Oakland, CA 94618