July 11, 2012

✿Dosa at Chez Panisse

I went to Dosa trunk sale at Chez Panisse in Berkeley about 10 days ago.
Dosa is from Los Angeles and they make clothing with natural fibers and natural dye colors.
Chez Panisse is the famous restaurant but that day, all the tables and chairs were put away and it was a pop-up shop in the both floors. 
40% of the sale were donated to Alice Water's Edible Schoolyard Project that day and there were lots of people hunting sale price Dosa clothing, rugs, cotton towel etc...  

They were lots of clothing with indigo dye as well.

I bought a beautiful square neckline dress like Marie Antoinette.
I really love my dress and Lauren, thank you for letting me know about this pop-up shop !

Also, madame Alice Water order a fascinator that she is going to wear on French Bastille day (July 14th) from me !
I finish making it and I am bring it to her tomorrow. yay!