August 30, 2012

✿Lolita at J-Pop, SF

I haven't talk about it on my blog yet but I was in Japan for 3 weeks and I just came back to attend the J-Pop Summit in Japantown, San Francisco last weekend.

NEW PEOPLE created this event and I had a booth for my hats and hair accessories.  Thank you so much for those of you purchase my items.

San Francisco was so cold that day and it was so hard for me to adjust the temperature of 2 different claimate in a few days.  I just came back to Berkeley a day before the event and the hot and humid Japan and cold summer of San Francisco were so apart from each other. 

Anyway, there were many girls dressing lolita fashion at the event and I liked these 2 girls the best...

She looks like a doll.

Fashion show and dance contest were held at the main stage.

San Francisco has a long history of Japanese immigrants and it is such a nice feeling that we have a place we can call, Japantown here in SF.  
My favorite places are Kinokuniya bookstore and NEW PEOPLE.