September 30, 2012

✿New Face

I made this doll face on the simple face mannequin with felt.  

She is wearing dupioni silk with millinery flowers hair accessory that I made.

What shall I name her ?

September 18, 2012

✿Creative Growth Pop-Up Workshop

A few days after the Pop-Up Gallery Reception in Marin, I went to help the workshop hosted by my calligraphy teacher, Lauren from Tail of the Yak.

The workshop project was to make these paper lanterns.

There were lots of stamps that Lauren made and also people who came to the workshop could curve their own stamps as well.

There were Tutu ballet school near by and there were lots of girls wearing cute tutu.  A few of them came to work on the project with us.

They were Farmer's Market at the same time and I stopped by this booth, Fibershed. They are collective and make their own yarns, natural dye and knit scarves, sweaters and more.  This lady on the photo makes angola rabbit yarn. I checked their website and it's really cool. They host some workshop events as well.

Very high quality products and the colors are in warm tone and so cute.

September 14, 2012

✿Creative Growth Pop-Up

Creative Growth is a gallery from Oakland and they are having a Pop-Up Gallery in Marin near Erica Tanov shop in Marin Country Mart for the month of September.

I went to for the opening reception and they even had delicious food catered by Chez Pannis.

Erica Tanov Shop had some of the art works by Creative Growth Artists as well.  
I heard that they are collaborating with Creative Growth Artists for their next collection and I am thrill to see them !

I loved these window display at Erica Tanov.

September 10, 2012

✿Soma Japon

I love this cute little shop call SOMA JAPON right next to CAFE SHOZO.
This is just a outside... 
and it's already so cute.

They have great selections of home and kitchen supplies.  It made want to buy many things from this shop but a few things I bought for myself were a handkachife and a soap bag which were so light and could easily fit in my suite case.

The owner, Soma-san was really nice and he and his wife have a great sense for selecting items. 
CAFE SHOZO and SOMA JAPON is my new favorite place!

September 08, 2012


There is a place called,  CAFE SHOZO in Kuroiso, Tochigi.
It's very famous and forefront of the cafe culture in Japan.

Spacious and calm inside and the staffs are very sweet.

At the first floor, you can purchase sweets and tea etc...
Second floor is the cafe.

My home town is in the same prefecture and I took a train to visit this cool cafe. It was such a great experience the first time that I went back again.
For the second time, I took my 10 years old nephew with me.  We did his summer project together and made Amazake so we put all the paper works together at the cafe like a college student studying at the cafe..

These cakes were incredibly delicious and milk tea I had was just so amazing.  

My 10 years old nephew is becoming more shy to talk to me each time I go back to Japan.
I was really happy that he wanted to ride the train to come with me to the cafe.  
I love my nephew so much that this short trip with him was so special for me.  I wonder if he would remember about this day 20 years from now...  I would.

Wow, CAFE SHOZO has been here since 1988.

At the first floor next to deli, there are clothing shops as well. 
It says "Keep on flowing"  like a river... 

Within 100 meters from the cafe, they have a furniture shop calls ROOMS.  Just from the outside, you can see their great taste. 

When I went to the cafe the second time, I met the owner Shozo-san.  He is very stylish and handsome guy.

He's been to Berkeley before and likes Berkeley a lot.  I hope one day he and his employs come to visit me here in Berkeley ! It was funny that he didn't even know that I was wearing Dosa dress that day but he told me that Dosa had a truck sale at his cafe before...!!

I am so sure that I am going to this place every time I go back to Japan from now on... 

September 07, 2012


I went to this Boîte event in Nishiogikubo, Tokyo.
This Japanese lady who lives in Paris had an event to sell things from France like vintage house wears, art cards and many cool items.
I know her and her dog since 2006 through her blog.  

This is her dog baboo.

I love this entrance.

Cute paper bags...

Lots of cute items she found in France.

She's published some books of Paris and this time I bought this blue-green one.  This books is about her favorite country side of France.  
The pink one is about cute shops and cute cafes in paris, I bought it right before I went to Paris in 2009 !

It was so great to see the actual person after reading her blog and exchanging some emails for a quite long time...

September 06, 2012


While I was in Japan in August, I went to 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT to see " TEMA HIMA : Art of Living in Tohoku " in Tokyo Midtown.

These 2 walls are off plumb and this sliding glass door was built in such a unique way.  I actually didn't think it was a entrance so I was looking for a entrance for a few seconds until I saw someone came our from it.  

Fashion designer, Issey Miyake is one of the director of this gallery.

Tema Hima means time and effort.  
(tema = effort. hima = time)
Tohoku is an area in North East, it includes Fukushima and Miyagi where are most affected by The Great Earthquake and Tsunami in 2011.  

It's very cold and has long winter in Tohoku and this exhibition values how people passed unique traditions to the next in craftsmanship, making THINGS with lots of attention to detail in the process.

Main focus of this exhibition is how we can learn from the philosophy of Tohoku's TEMA HIMA foods, tools and living space to the future design of our living.

Near the entrance, they were selling TEMA HIMA foods and tools to support the maker and for us to enjoy.  

I felt lots of LOVE through this exhibition. 
Love of the directors who produce this exhibition to support Tohoku people and culture.  
Mainly, the love towards the creation by the creators.  They obviously love what they do and what they make.

I really enjoyed it so much.

September 05, 2012

✿Antique Market in Kyoto

While I was in Kyoto, I went Antique, flea market in Toji.
I love going to antique/flea market in gereral and I was so excited to go one in Kyoto.
It was so nice to see old pieces of many ceramics, kimonos, fabric scraps and more...

These old soba cups were so expensive... like 10000 yen. more than $100 each !!
There were some cheaper ones but not nice as these...

Obi tie ribbon for kimono.

There were lots of Boro at the market.
My friend collects them and he was buying a lot !

Also there were many booth selling hand made pieces...
These couple make bamboo charcoal and sell them...

I bought these long stick type of charcoal to leave in water bottle and charcoal powder to drink !  You might be suprized but bamboo charcoal has great health benefit.

Also this lady design clothes and scarves in India. Lots of product were khadi.

I enjoyed this market so much and bought 1920's vintage Meisen kimono there !

After shopping at this market, Nana, Ogu and I went to the pool in Uji city, next to Kyoto city.
I was not expecting to go swimming while I was in Kyoto but it was so fun.  We did slide and swam in 50 meter pool the first time...  

September 04, 2012


While I was in Kyoto, my friend, Nana and Ogu took me to Noma, beautiful gallery / select shop of house wear. 

Kyomi-san, the owner just open this shop little less than a year ago and it has already been very popular and getting lot of attention and written by many magazines.

Nana is a good friend of the owner and I became friend with her.
She is coming to visit me in Berkeley in November that I am very excited to see her again !nes.  

She also just open a cafe next to it.
I love this hand written menu !

This cafe calls & Noma Cafe.

This was Kyo-Vegetable dish I had. It came with a cold soup.

I didn't take enough photo but this cafe is also very cute. You can see more photos here... 

Enjoy visiting here !
It's near Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art.

September 03, 2012

✿Kyoto Kanko

Kyoto Kanko means sightseeing Kyoto !

A few place I took a train and buses to get around myself but most of the time, my friends Nana and Ogu who live in Kyoto took me all over on bike !

Waterway At Nanzenji Temple.  
I love these mix of color ! 
I felt like I was in Paris in Kyoto.

Ryoanji, rock garden.
It was so nice that I got there in the morning so not many people were there. 

BUT... I got 6 mosquito bites in short walk of just getting out the bus to the rock garden which is like only several minutes walk.

I saw a beautiful lotus flower at the entrance of Ryoanji.

I love this photo of Fushimi Inari.
It looks like 2 photos of front and back view (right side and left side divided into two) put into ONE photo.

Like... left side is the past and right side is the future...
Young couple on the left side going to that direction and right side older couple comes into this direction... and I am in the middle of present time looking at them...

Endless walk way... 
I enjoyed so much walking here...