September 06, 2012


While I was in Japan in August, I went to 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT to see " TEMA HIMA : Art of Living in Tohoku " in Tokyo Midtown.

These 2 walls are off plumb and this sliding glass door was built in such a unique way.  I actually didn't think it was a entrance so I was looking for a entrance for a few seconds until I saw someone came our from it.  

Fashion designer, Issey Miyake is one of the director of this gallery.

Tema Hima means time and effort.  
(tema = effort. hima = time)
Tohoku is an area in North East, it includes Fukushima and Miyagi where are most affected by The Great Earthquake and Tsunami in 2011.  

It's very cold and has long winter in Tohoku and this exhibition values how people passed unique traditions to the next in craftsmanship, making THINGS with lots of attention to detail in the process.

Main focus of this exhibition is how we can learn from the philosophy of Tohoku's TEMA HIMA foods, tools and living space to the future design of our living.

Near the entrance, they were selling TEMA HIMA foods and tools to support the maker and for us to enjoy.  

I felt lots of LOVE through this exhibition. 
Love of the directors who produce this exhibition to support Tohoku people and culture.  
Mainly, the love towards the creation by the creators.  They obviously love what they do and what they make.

I really enjoyed it so much.