September 05, 2012

✿Antique Market in Kyoto

While I was in Kyoto, I went Antique, flea market in Toji.
I love going to antique/flea market in gereral and I was so excited to go one in Kyoto.
It was so nice to see old pieces of many ceramics, kimonos, fabric scraps and more...

These old soba cups were so expensive... like 10000 yen. more than $100 each !!
There were some cheaper ones but not nice as these...

Obi tie ribbon for kimono.

There were lots of Boro at the market.
My friend collects them and he was buying a lot !

Also there were many booth selling hand made pieces...
These couple make bamboo charcoal and sell them...

I bought these long stick type of charcoal to leave in water bottle and charcoal powder to drink !  You might be suprized but bamboo charcoal has great health benefit.

Also this lady design clothes and scarves in India. Lots of product were khadi.

I enjoyed this market so much and bought 1920's vintage Meisen kimono there !

After shopping at this market, Nana, Ogu and I went to the pool in Uji city, next to Kyoto city.
I was not expecting to go swimming while I was in Kyoto but it was so fun.  We did slide and swam in 50 meter pool the first time...