September 08, 2012


There is a place called,  CAFE SHOZO in Kuroiso, Tochigi.
It's very famous and forefront of the cafe culture in Japan.

Spacious and calm inside and the staffs are very sweet.

At the first floor, you can purchase sweets and tea etc...
Second floor is the cafe.

My home town is in the same prefecture and I took a train to visit this cool cafe. It was such a great experience the first time that I went back again.
For the second time, I took my 10 years old nephew with me.  We did his summer project together and made Amazake so we put all the paper works together at the cafe like a college student studying at the cafe..

These cakes were incredibly delicious and milk tea I had was just so amazing.  

My 10 years old nephew is becoming more shy to talk to me each time I go back to Japan.
I was really happy that he wanted to ride the train to come with me to the cafe.  
I love my nephew so much that this short trip with him was so special for me.  I wonder if he would remember about this day 20 years from now...  I would.

Wow, CAFE SHOZO has been here since 1988.

At the first floor next to deli, there are clothing shops as well. 
It says "Keep on flowing"  like a river... 

Within 100 meters from the cafe, they have a furniture shop calls ROOMS.  Just from the outside, you can see their great taste. 

When I went to the cafe the second time, I met the owner Shozo-san.  He is very stylish and handsome guy.

He's been to Berkeley before and likes Berkeley a lot.  I hope one day he and his employs come to visit me here in Berkeley ! It was funny that he didn't even know that I was wearing Dosa dress that day but he told me that Dosa had a truck sale at his cafe before...!!

I am so sure that I am going to this place every time I go back to Japan from now on...