September 18, 2012

✿Creative Growth Pop-Up Workshop

A few days after the Pop-Up Gallery Reception in Marin, I went to help the workshop hosted by my calligraphy teacher, Lauren from Tail of the Yak.

The workshop project was to make these paper lanterns.

There were lots of stamps that Lauren made and also people who came to the workshop could curve their own stamps as well.

There were Tutu ballet school near by and there were lots of girls wearing cute tutu.  A few of them came to work on the project with us.

They were Farmer's Market at the same time and I stopped by this booth, Fibershed. They are collective and make their own yarns, natural dye and knit scarves, sweaters and more.  This lady on the photo makes angola rabbit yarn. I checked their website and it's really cool. They host some workshop events as well.

Very high quality products and the colors are in warm tone and so cute.