September 02, 2012

✿Kyoto at Night

so... I was in Japan for 3 weeks and I visited Kyoto to see my friends for 4 days. Kyoto is one of the old capital of Japan.  
While I just stepped out the Kyoto station to take a single photo of Kyoto Tower, right away, I had 3 mosquitoes bites.  
My entire stay in Japan,  I had to deal with mosquitoes every single day.  I loved the hot weather and I didn't mind the humidity but I was very annoyed by mosquitoes.

By the Kamogawa River.

The night I arrive in Kyoto, my native kyoto friend, Eriko-san took me to stroll the streets.   
In Gion.

She said this is very petite but very famous shrine in Gion.

 I enjoyed each steps walking in this beautiful city. 

Street lights shine in warm orange color.

By Eriko-san's recommendation, I ate this Issen Yoshoku. 
The original form of Okonimoyaki.  

This was my 4th trip to Kyoto but I was still very young the last time I went so I didn't remember so much of this city.

My diary of my trip to Japan will continue...