September 03, 2012

✿Kyoto Kanko

Kyoto Kanko means sightseeing Kyoto !

A few place I took a train and buses to get around myself but most of the time, my friends Nana and Ogu who live in Kyoto took me all over on bike !

Waterway At Nanzenji Temple.  
I love these mix of color ! 
I felt like I was in Paris in Kyoto.

Ryoanji, rock garden.
It was so nice that I got there in the morning so not many people were there. 

BUT... I got 6 mosquito bites in short walk of just getting out the bus to the rock garden which is like only several minutes walk.

I saw a beautiful lotus flower at the entrance of Ryoanji.

I love this photo of Fushimi Inari.
It looks like 2 photos of front and back view (right side and left side divided into two) put into ONE photo.

Like... left side is the past and right side is the future...
Young couple on the left side going to that direction and right side older couple comes into this direction... and I am in the middle of present time looking at them...

Endless walk way... 
I enjoyed so much walking here...